After you have logged into TRONIX, one of the first things you’ll notice is the Dashboard. The Dashboard contains month-to-date performance statistics to help you stay on track. 


Note: The dashboard will look different depending on your dealer role and some information will not be available. The example below is for a Dealer - Producer. 



The following statistics are displayed: 


  • Vehicle Sales – provides an overall view of vehicle sales performance for New and Used vehicles.
  • Deal Types – provides the breakdown in deal types for vehicle sales.
  • Products Sold – provides breakdown of products sold.
  • Product Income – provides view of the overall F&I income by product. 
  • Products Per Sale – provides view of the overall products sold per sale.
  • Profit Per Sale – provides average product revenue per vehicle sold.
  • Penetration - provides a view of overall product penetration for New and Used vehicle sales.
  • Overall Ranking - provides overall ranking in store-based KPI performance.


Quick Tip: You can access the Dashboard anytime from the left navigation menu by selecting the Dashboard icon.



Dashboard Top-Right Buttons

Now that you’re familiar with the performance statistics, we’ll show you how to use the icons in the top-right corner of the Dashboard



The Dashboard contains the following buttons:


  • Release Notes notification – notifies whenever a new release notification has been published. See See Release Notes for more details.
  • Select a Dealer – allows user to change dealers within a dealer group.  See Select a Dealer for more details. 
  • Quicklinks – links to User Guides and FAQs. See Quicklinks for more details. 
  • User Menu - update user profile and change password. See User Menu for more details. 


Dashboard Top-Left Buttons

The top-left corner of the Dashboard contains the following buttons: