If you're in a hurry to provide your customer with a quote for available F&I products and options, you can use the Quick Quote feature. Quick Quote allows you to share product options and prices with your customer without entering all of the customer, vehicle, and deal information in TRONIX. 

TRONIX is enabled with a Quick Quote menu template that defaults to select all products. We recommend setting up the menu template before you use Quick Quote. To add a template, see How to add a Quick Quote Menu Template.

You can access the Quick Quote feature one of two ways:

  • Select Deals > Quick Quote from the left navigation menu:



  • Or select the Quick Quote quick link button from the menu bar:



1. Enter the following information in The Vehicle panel and click Get Quick Quote.






Enter the Vehicle Identification Number.


Enter the vehicle’s mileage at the time of this deal.


Enter the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price or the NADA value.

Finance Term

Defaults to 60 months. Enter term in Months. 

Vehicle Type

Select New or Used for the vehicle type.

Commercial Use

Check box if the vehicle will be used for commercial purposes. 

Factory Certified

Check box if the vehicle is a factory certified pre-owned vehicle. 

Dealer Certified

The dealer certified checkbox is only available for dealer certified enabled dealers.


Check box if the deal is dealer certified.


Note: Only one certified option can be selected at a time: Factory OR Dealer


The Quick Quote/Products page contains several panels:


  • The Vehicle – Contains details about the vehicle associated with the deal. This is for reference only.
  • The Deal – Contains details about the deal itself. This is for reference only. 
  • Loan & Deal Variable Information – This panel contains loan and financing details that you can share with your customer. 
  • Selected Products – This panel contains a list of F&I products that are available to your customer for this deal. 

Loan & Variable Information Panel

2. In the Loan & Variable Information panel, enter details relating to the loan and deal.




Deal Type

Select if the deal will be Finance or Cash.


Select a lender for this deal. This is a required field for Finance deal types. 


Note: If Cash is selected, the Lender, Reserve Type, Term 1 and Term 2 fields will disappear.

Reserve Type

Select the loan reserve type for this deal. The default reserve type is Buy/Sell. 

A reserve type is a fee that the lender pays to the dealer. Click Edit to select between two options:


  • Flat – A flat reserve (straight dollar) amount fee. If you select this option, enter the fixed-rate reserve amount in the Flat Reserve Amount field.
  • Buy/Sell – The Buy rate is the interest rate the dealer gets for the loan from the lender. The Sell rate is the interest rate the customer is paying. The dealer gets a commission on the difference between these two rates. This is the Finance Reserve.

Click Save to save your selection.

Term 1/Term 2

Select the financing term and enter the number of months for the term, APR, and Buy Rate in the provided fields to the right.

 For example, 60 months for a five-year financing period. Two fields are provided for term options from the lender.

First Payment Date

Select the first payment date.

Down Payment

Enter the down payment amount. 

Other Charges

Enter a total for any other miscellaneous charges.


Enter the total amount of any sales rebates. 



Selected Products Panel

3. In the Selected Products panel, you will select F&I products for the deal. 

Note: If you have a Quick Quote menu template set up, all products will be selected. You can deselect products by unchecking the box next to it. If you need to make changes or add a product back to the menu, click on the Edit button to make your selection.





Displays if a product is selected. This is disabled until you Edit and select a product.

Product Type

This column lists the various F&I products available. 


This column provides the associated cost for each product when the product is selected.


This column lists the specific products that fall under the Industry Product Type.


This column provides a description of the coverage for each product.


This column provides the term (in months) for each product.


Click this button to open an Edit Vehicle Service Contract dialog, where you can view and edit F&I product details. Depending on the F&I product you select, the name and contents of this dialog will vary. 


  • Month - Drop-down select from a list of term options (in months).
  • Mileage - Drop-down select from available mileage bands.
  • Deductible - Drop-down select a deductible amount for service contract claims.
  • Surcharges - Select from the various surcharges.


Click Save to save your selection or Cancel to cancel changes and return to the Quick Quote/Products page.

SDC (Show Dealer Cost)

This is a permission-based function and not all users will have the ability to show dealer cost.

If selected, additional information such as Dealer Cost and Profit will display. To disable this feature, simply click the SDC button again. You can also activate this button on the Quick Quote/ Products dialog.



IMPORTANT: Avoid showing your customer this information, which includes dealer vs customer costs for F&I products.

Sales Price Override

This is a permission-based function and not all users will have the ability to override price.

In the Edit Vehicle Service Contract dialog, use the pencil icon next to the contract total to display the Sales Price Override modal where you can override the contract price.



You will need to provide an override reason and override price and then Submit to save your changes.




The Sales Price Override can also be accessed in the Selected Products panel:



4. Once you have presented all product selections, choose one of the options at the bottom of the Quick Quote page:






Click this button to return to The Vehicle panel.

Save As Pending

Click this to save the deal as a pending deal. You are required to enter the customer information in the modal before you can save. You can finish it later by navigating to Deals > Pending Deals

Deliver Deal

Click the Deliver Deal button to save the information you have entered for this deal. Tronix will prompt you to enter the customer information and vehicle sales price. 


5. After you have clicked Deliver Deal, the Customer Information panel will display. Enter the customer's information and click Continue or Cancel to exit out of the modal.


6. The Vehicle Sale Information modal will display. Enter the customer's vehicle sale price and click Continue.



7. If you have selected GAP, the Deal Details modal will display. Click Continue to deliver the deal.


Note: If you did not select GAP, the Deliver Deal modal will display instead.


8. The Deliver Deal modal will display stating that contracts will now be issued. Select Deliver to deliver the deal or Cancel Delivery to return to the Quick Quote / Products page.

Note: If your dealer is eSign enabled, an eSign dialog will appear asking if you want to eSign eligible documents.

9. Use the Documents Viewer screen to print or download the delivered contracts. Once you have completed this step, select Done



10. The Deal Summary will display. See Deal Lookup / Deal Summary for more details.