Contract Lookup

Using the Tools menu, you can quickly lookup customer contracts by contract number, VIN, the customer’s last name, or the transmittal number.

  1. Select Tools > Contract Lookup from the left navigation menu.

2. In the Contract Lookup dialog, select a value by which to search for contracts and then click Search:

Contract Number
Search by contract number associated with the deal.
Search by Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Enter the first six numbers of the VIN or the entire VIN number.
Last Name
Search by the customer’s last name.
Producer Name
Search by the producer’s name (this is the person who entered the deal in TRONIX).
TRONIX Deal Number
Search by the TRONIX deal number assigned to this deal.

3. After clicking the Search button, TRONIX displays the contract search results, which contain these columns:

Contract #
Displays the contract number associated with the deal.
TPA Name
Displays the name of the Third-Party Administrator associated with this contract.
Displays the dealer associated with the contract
Customer Name
Displays the customer’s last name
Displays the year of the car associated with the contract
Displays the make of the car associated with the contract
Displays the model of the car associated with the contract
Displays the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) associated with the contract.
Displays the type of F&I product purchased
Displays the contract status, which can be one of the following:
  • Delivered – A contract that has been delivered to the customer
  • Finalized – A contract that has been marked as finalized and placed on a transmittal. (see Deals - Recent/Unpaid Deals)
  • Cancelled – A contract that has been cancelled by the customer resulting in either a full or pro-rated refund.
  • Expired - The contract has expired. The current date is greater than the Contract Expiration Date.
  • Void – A contract that is associated with a deal that was unwound or fell through after being delivered
  • Deleted – The contract has been "deleted". We will never truly delete a contract, only change the status to deleted.

4. In the Contract # column of the table results, click on a contract number (blue hyperlink) to display the Contract Lookup / Contract Details dialog where you can view contract details:

5. At the bottom of the Contract Lookup / Contract Details dialog, several buttons allow you to perform different functions:

Click this button to void a contract and make it inactive.
View Contract
Click this button to view the Print Preview dialog where you can view and print the contract paperwork.
Click this button to edit contract the following details in the Edit Contract dialog:

a. Customer First Name

b. Customer Last Name

c. Address 1/Address 2

d. City

e. State

f. Zip

g. Lender

h. Sold for

Click Save Change to save your edits.