Create Transmittal

Note: This is a permission based function and not all users will have the ability to create a transmittal.

A transmittal is an invoice or a record of sale of an F&I product. When the bank funds a customer’s loan, you (the dealer) initiate the invoice process by creating a transmittal to pay the third-party administrator or product provider, such as CareGard, for any F&I products the customer purchased in connection with the vehicle sale. After creating the transmittal, you print out the paperwork and send the payment to the third-party administrator.

In this section, you will learn how to create a transmittal to initiate the invoicing or payment process for the third-party administrator. You have received bank funding for a customer’s vehicle and F&I product purchase, and it is now time to pay and send paperwork to the third-party administrator.

  1. Select Transmittal > Create Transmittal from the left navigation menu.

2. In the Create Transmittal dialog, you will begin the process of creating a new transmittal:

DealerSelect the dealer for which you are remitting contracts. 
TPASelect the TPA tied to this transmittal. 
Select the product type that is tied to this transmittal.
Get Contracts
Click this button to launch the contract search. TRONIX searches for contracts based on the selected product type and displays them in the Product Type panel.

3. In the Product Type panel, select each contract you wish to place on the transmittal and click Next to proceed to the next page.

You also have the option to void a contract by selecting Void Contract. 

4. The Create Transmittal dialog will appear. 

Note: The information in the Transmittal Summary panel is not editable. This information is for viewing purposes only.

Transmittal SummaryThe Transmittal Summary shows the Dealer Name, Product Type, Number of Contracts, and Total Dealer Cost.
ContractsThe Contracts panel shows all contracts to be transmitted.
Payment InformationThe Payment Information panel allows you to select the payment type related to the transmittal: Check or ACH. Note: If ACH if set up for your dealer, it will be the default payment method.
Create TransmittalSelect Send Check to create the transmittal via Check or select I authorize Caregard Warranty - CGOL to debit my account to create the transmittal via ACH.