Note: ACH fees vary based on your contractual agreements. The following depictions are examples and may not represent the actual amount assessed for your transmittals.

1. Verify that all of the following information is correct:




Payment Type

Displays the payment type as ACH.

Contractual Amount

Displays the total amount of the contracts associated with this transmittal.


Displays the ACH fee associated with this transmittal (if applicable).

Amount to Pay by ACH

Displays the total amount to be paid by ACH including the fee (if applicable). 


2. Select “I authorize the "Contract Administrator" to debit my account” and Create Transmittal


3. The Transmittal Viewer displays. From here, the Remittance Form can be saved as a PDF and printed. 


4. The Remittance Form includes:



ACH Transaction #

Displays the ACH Transaction number.

Remit Amount

Displays the Remit Amount for each contract.

Page Total

Displays the sum of the contracts on the page.

Grand Total

Displays the total contractual amount of the transmittal.

ACH Fee Statement

This includes the total ACH payment including the ACH fee (if applicable).