1. Select Send Check under Payment Information.




Payment Type

Displays the payment type as Check.

Contractual Amount

Displays the total amount of the contracts associated with this transmittal.

Amount to Pay by Check

Displays the total amount to be paid by check. Note: The amount will automatically update if any changes are made to the Remit Amount.

Check Number

Enter the check number associated with this transmittal.

Amount Change Explanation

This field allows you to enter an explanation for a Remit Amount change. 


2. If a change needs to be made to the Remit Amount for a contract, select Edit in the Contracts panel. Note: Only check payments offer the editing of contracts to be remitted.


3. Enter a different Remit Amount or select Revert to clear any changes.

4. You are required to enter an explanation for changes made in the Amount Change Explanation field. Click Create Transmittal.

5. The Transmittal Viewer displays. The Remittance Form for check payments includes the Original and Remit Amounts (if changes were made), Amount Change Explanation, and the address to make checks payable to.

6. Print and submit the transmittal with payment to your contract administrator.