You can use TRONIX to run detailed contract sales reports based on several search factors, such as date range, product, dealer, producer, and so on.

1. Select Reports > Sales Report from the left navigation menu. 


2. In Sales Report, select data to produce a customized sales report. 




Select values for the following:

  • Dealer Group – Select dealer group or All Dealer Groups to include all dealer groups. 
  • Dealer – Select dealer or All Dealers to include all dealers. 
  • Producer – Select producer or All Producers to include all producers. 
  • Agency – Select agency or All Agencies to include all agencies. 
  • TPA – Select TPA or All TPAs to include all TPAs.  

Note: Drop-down lists will auto default to include all. 

Date Filter

Select a date range for the report. Use the drop-down to select a time frame or manually enter the start date and end date. 

Sales Filters

Select values for the following sales filters:

  • Product Type – Select the F&I product type or select All Product Types to include all product types.
  • Product – Select the F&I product or select All Products to include all products. 

Other Options

Use the checkboxes to:

  • Include Issued and Transmitted (Delivered) Contracts – Select this option to 
  • Include Void Contracts – Select this option to include voided contracts.  
  • Include Cancelled Contracts – Select this option to include cancelled contracts. 
  • Sort by Dealer, Contract Number – Select to sort by 
  • Show last 8 of VIN instead of Model – Select this option to display the last 8 of the VIN instead of the vehicle model. 


Select one of the following formats in which to display the report:

  • Grid – Select this to produce a spreadsheet report at the bottom of the page.
  • Excel – Select this to produce an excel report that you can print. 

3. Click Run Report to generate the report results. 



Issue Date

Displays the contract’s issued date.

Contract Number

Displays the contract number.


Displays the type of product purchased.

Last Name

Displays the customer’s last name.


Displays the dealer associated with the contract.


Displays the producer’s name.

Tronix Producer Code

Displays the TRONIX producer’s code, if applicable.


Displays the year/make/model of the vehicle associated with the contract.


Displays the mileage of the vehicle associated with the contract. 


Displays the contract term. 

Sold For

Displays the sold for price of the contract.

Dealer Cost

Displays the dealer cost of the contract.

Price Override Reason

Displays the price override reason provided in the Sales Price Override modal. 

Retail Cost

Displays the contract’s retail cost.


Displays the variance amount of the Sold For and Retail Cost of the contract.


Displays the contract status.


Displays the lender associated with the contract.