If you need to reissue a contract without modifying the deal, you can use the Void / Reissue button in the Issued Products panel of the Deal Summary.

1. Select the Void / Reissue button for the product you want to reissue.


2. Enter the required void reason in the Void Contract modal and click Continue.

Note: If there is a GAP contract on the deal, the Void Contract modal will display a message stating that the GAP will also be voided if you continue.

 3. The Reissue Voided Contract panel will display. The previously issued contract will now show as Void.

4. To select a new coverage, click the Edit button to display the Edit Vehicle Service Contract modal.

5. Once you have made your selection, click Save to save your changes. This will close out the Edit Vehicle Service Contract modal. Click Deliver to display the Deliver Deal modal.

Note: If a GAP contract is associated with the deal, the Deal Details modal will display. Review the deal details and click Continue to display the Deliver Deal modal.

6. Click the Deliver button to continue or Cancel Delivery to cancel and return to the Deal Summary.

7. The Documents Viewer will display. Print or download the new contract and click Done to continue to the Deal Summary. The new contract is now delivered. 

Note: If your dealer is eSign enabled, an eSign dialog will appear asking if you want to eSign eligible documents.