Add a Lender in New Deal

If you need to add a new lender without saving and exiting the deal, you can use the Add button in the Deal panel of the New Deal entry. 


The Add New Lender dialog appears, where you can enter details to set up a new lender in TRONIX:



Lender Name

Enter the name of the lender that is financing this deal.

Lender Address

Enter the lender’s street address.

City, State, Zip

Enter the lender’s city, state, and zip code. 


Enter the lender’s primary phone number.  

DMS Lender Code

Enter the lender’s Dealer Management Solutions (DMS) lender code. 

Lender Affiliation

Select the lender’s affiliation. Some lenders have specific contracting and/or form requirements. If you see the lender’s affiliation in this drop-down list, select it. If you do not see it, select None. 

Finance Reserve Percent

Enter the finance reserve percentage. This is the fee that the lender pays to the dealer for every deal.  

Finance Reserve Method

Select one of the available finance reserve methods. Default selection is None, but you can choose the Difference method or Ratio method.