How to use E-sign for Remote buyers

Note: This feature is only available if your dealer is E-sign enabled.

1. After delivering the deal, the E-sign modal will display. Select No for "Is the Buyer Present?" and enter the customer's email. Click Continue.

2. Your customer will receive an email from AFG Technologies via DocuSign. They will be directed to the e-sign documents once they click Review Documents.

3. The customer will need to read the Electronic Record and Signature Disclosure and then select "I agree to use electronic records and signatures." before clicking Continue.

4. To review the e-sign documents, they will need to select the Start button.

5. Once the documents have been reviewed, the customer can select the "Required - Sign Here - Buyer" box.

6. The customer's name should already be entered in the Full Name and Initials fields but if any changes need to be made, they can update the signature here and select Adopt and Sign. They can then click Sign for each customer signature line that needs to be e-signed.

7. Once all customer signature lines have been e-signed, they can select Finish

8. The customer will then have the option to create an account with Docusign to save the documents or choose No Thanks.

9. They will get a notice that they've finished signing and receive an email once all parties have completed the signing process.

10. The e-signed documents will now be available to view in TRONIX.