How to use E-sign via the Mobile app

Note: This feature is only available if your dealer is E-sign enabled and utilizes the AFG-configured iPad devices available separately. Please reach out to's customer service team to obtain iPads for this functionality.

1. After clicking Deliver Deal, the E-sign modal will display. To utilize E-sign via the mobile app, make sure "Do you want to E-sign eligible documents?" and " Is the Buyer present?" are both Yes and then click Continue. 

2. The Documents Viewer modal will display. Select E-sign.

3. This will display the QR code in TRONIX.

4. On your iPad, open the TRONIX application. Select Scan QR Code to scan the QR in TRONIX or manually enter the code and select Go.

5. The E-sign documents will display. Select View to continue. Review each document by clicking Next until you get to the E-sign Disclosure.

6. Click the >eSign to return to the Documents page.

7. Select Electronic Signature Consent and Agreement to display the Disclosure form. The Electronic Signature Consent and Agreement must be reviewed to allow the Buyer's signature. Click >eSign after reviewing with the customer.

8. The Buyer's signature box will now display. Have the customer sign and click Accept.

9. After the customer signs, sign in the Dealer's signature field and hit Accept.

10. A modal will display that says, "Signing Completed". Select Yes to have the signed documents sent to your email or select No.

11. The E-sign process is now completed.

12. In the Deal Summary, the Issued Products will now display as Signed and the signed contracts will be available to view in TRONIX.