Paylink provides an alternative financing option for F&I products if a customer can not include the F&I products with their vehicle loan. 


If your dealer is Paylink enabled, eligible products will display a checkbox in the Packages panel for New Deal/Traditional Menu and in the Products panel for Quick Quote.

1. In the Packages panel (Products panel for Quick Quote), check the Paylink checkbox next to the eligible product and then select the product package to be delivered. Click Deliver Deal




2. If you have selected GAP, the Deal Details modal will display. Click Continue to deliver the deal.


Note: If you did not select GAP, the Deliver Deal modal will display instead.


3. The Deliver Deal modal will display. TRONIX no longer provides integration support for Paylink financed agreements and any products selected for Paylink financing will need to be processed via Paylink's portal. Check the Paylink Agreement Notice to continue to deliver the deal or Cancel Delivery to return to the menu. 



Note: If your dealer is eSign enabled, an eSign dialog will appear asking if you want to eSign eligible documents.


4. Use the Documents Viewer screen to print or download the delivered contracts. Once you have completed this step, select Done to continue to the Deal Summary. 



Remitting Paylink Contracts

This is a permission-based function and not all users will have the ability to create a transmittal.


In the Create Transmittal screen, there is a Paylink column that will display Y/N if the contract was delivered as Paylink. The Remit Amount for Paylink contracts will be $0.00.