In this section, you will learn how to search for all transmittals (paid and unpaid) in TRONIX:

1. Select Transmittals > Search Transmittals from the left navigation menu.


2. In the Search Transmittals dialog, you can search for transmittals based on these filters:



Transmittal Number

Enter a transmittal number to search for a specific transmittal. 

Start Date

Enter the transmittal start date (this is used with the end date below to create a date range) for your search.

End Date

Enter the transmittal end date (this is used with the start date above to create a date range) for your search.

Payment Status

Select the payment status for your search:

  • All - Allows you to search all transmittals regardless of payment status.
  • Paid - Allows you to search for paid transmittals.
  • Unpaid – Allows you to search for unpaid transmittals.


Click to display the search results based on your selections.


3. The search results will display.




Transmittal Number

Click the blue hyperlink to view the contracts that are assigned to the transmittal. 


Displays the product associated with the transmittal.

Transmittal Date

Displays the date the transmittal was created.

Contract Count

Displays the number of contracts associated with the transmittal.

Transmittal Total

Displays the total amount of the transmittal.


Displays if the transmittal is Unpaid or Paid. 

Note: If the transmittal is done via ACH, the status will display as Paid after it’s remitted.

Payment Method

Displays the payment method: Check or ACH (if applicable)


Displays the transmittal fee (if applicable).

Start Date

Displays the transmittal start date.

End Date

Displays the transmittal end date.


Click one of these buttons depending on the output in which you want to view the transmittal details.