F&I Performance Report

You can use TRONIX to run detailed F&I performance reports based on a number of search filters, including dealer, producer, agency, date period, and a variety of sales filters.

  1. Select Reports > F&I Performance from the left navigation menu.

 2. Use the following to customize your report:


Select values for the following:

  • Dealer Group – Select dealer group or All Dealer Groups to include all dealer groups. 
  • Dealer – Select dealer or All Dealers to include all dealers. 
  • Producer – Select producer or All Producers to include all producers. 
  • Agency – Select agency or All Agencies to include all agencies. 
  • TPA – Select TPA or All TPAs to include all TPAs. 
Note: Drop-down lists will auto-default to include all.
Date PeriodSelect a date range for the report. Use the drop-down to select a date range or manually enter the start date and end date.
Deal Type Filters

This will auto-select all of the deal type filters, or filter by:

  • Deal Status - Delivered or Finalized
  • Vehicle Types - New or Used
Deal Types - Cash, Finance, Lease, or Product Only
Report ViewSelect one of the following report options:
  • Daily Delivery Log
  • Performance Summary by Dealer
  • Performance Summary by Producer

Select one of the following formats in which to display the report:

  • Grid – Select this to produce a spreadsheet report at the bottom of the page. The Grid format is only available for the Daily Delivery Log. 
  • Excel – Select this to produce an excel report that you can print.

 3. Click Run Report to generate the report results.