Pending Deals

A pending deal is not yet delivered to the customer or finalized in TRONIX. Each time you enter information in a TRONIX dialog and click Continue (or if you click Save as Pending Deal) your deal is saved and placed into the Pending Deals list. It remains here until you deliver the paperwork to the customer and then finalize the deal.

A deal is “Delivered” when you provide the paperwork to the customer for their signature, but you still have to finalize it using the Recent/Unpaid Deals left navigation menu item.

1. To begin working with pending deals, select Deals > Pending Deals from the left navigation menu.

2. The Pending Deals dialog appears:

  3. From the Pending Deals dialog, you have two options:

ContinueClick this button ton continue with the deal creation by accessing New Deal Entry dialog. Here, you can review details relating to this deal and continue with the process of creating and finalizing this deal. For instructions on using the New Deal Entry dialog, see New Deal.
Click this button to delete a pending deal. Confirm your decision by clicking Yes. Use caution when deleting a deal. This removes the deal completely from TRONIX.