1. To search for a deal in TRONIX, select Deals > Deal Lookup from the left navigation menu:

2. Select one of the following options to look up a deal and then click the Search button:

VINSearch by Vehicle Identification Number.
Contract NumberSearch by deal contract number.
Last NameSearch by the customer's last name.
Producer NameSearch by the producer's name.
TRONIX Deal NumberSearch by the TRONIX deal number assigned to the deal.
DMS Deal NumberSearch by the Dealer Management System identifying deal number.

3. The deal search results table appears with all matching deals. Click on a TRONIX deal #(blue hyperlink) to view deal details.

4. The Deal Lookup / Deal Summary will display for the deal. You can use the Deal Lookup / Deal Summary after a deal has been delivered to review the deal, modify or unwind, and more. Click the +/- to expand or collapse the panels.