Special Release Notice: Feature Removal

Removed Features

AFG.tech constantly evaluates feature capabilities along with user feedback to improve the overall dealer experience using the TRONIX site. In order to continue to provide excellent customer service related to the TRONIX site, AFG.tech has decided to no longer support third-party lending integrations inside TRONIX. 

Effective January 1, 2022, the PayLink integration inside TRONIX will be removed. 

What does this mean for PayLink enabled dealers? 

For contracts issued with PayLink financing, the dealer will go directly to PayLink's own portal for PayLink financing eligibility requirements and to obtain the PayLink lending agreement. Please contact your contract administrator for further details. 


How will PayLink contract transmittals change?  

TRONIX will continue to support special remittance requirements set by your contract administrator for PayLink financed contracts. During the transmittal process, you will be asked to identify which contracts should be remitted from the third-party lending provider. Please contact your contract administrator for further details.


How does this impact e-contracting in my menu?
There is no change in your ability to conduct e-contracting for CareGard warranties in TRONIX. 


How do I reach CareGard Support? 

If you have any questions related to the administrative processing of PayLink eligible contracts, you can reach the Contract Administrator, CareGard Warranty Services, at sales@afgusa.net or 817-552-4173. 


How do I contact TRONIX Support?
You can reach the TRONIX Support Team at 
support@tronixtrm.com or create a help desk ticket using the Help & Support Link on the TRONIX menu dashboard.