Tronix Release


  • Added click options to the left navigation menu.
  • Added "Exclude Vehicle Type" options to Dealer Tools. 
  • Added "Unwind Deal" to Dealer/Dealer Group Accounting roles. 
  • Added "Dealer Certified" flag on Deals. 
  • Contract Lookup - Added void and edit buttons for Accounting users.
  • Enabled Edit Contract for Dealer Producer and Dealer Admin roles. 


  • New Deal - Added front side validation to the zip code fields for Buyer and Co-Buyer.
  • Edit Contract modal - Added front side validation to the zip code field. 
  • Edit Dealer Page - Resolved invalid zip code validation.
  • Edit Product modal - Updated the filters to reflect only available terms. 
  • Edit Product modal - Reordered the presentation of pre-owned product.
  • Add Dealer - Added validation to required time zone field. 
  • Deal Summary - Removed the Reprint Menu/Disclosure button for Quick Quote deals.
  • Updated Tronix Welcome Email for new users. 
  • Updated user permissions for the Sales Report.
  • Added front side validation to the Edit Dealer page. 
  • Added front side validation to the Add Dealer page.  
  • TPA Admin - Updated user role type filters in User Management.
  • Lender Management - Updated Associated Dealers panel for Agency roles. 
  • Quick Quote - Updated the Selected Products panel to expand on default. 
  • Quick Quote - Updated column name in Selected Products panel. 
  • Resolved Gap modal displaying if Gap is unchecked in selected package.