• Major performance enhancements to the Deal and Delivery process
  • Major performance enhancements at the Database level via Indices
  • RouteOne Credit Integration (optionally hidden on a per-dealer basis)
  • Cancel Quotes now display effective date in addition to cancel date
  • DocSys Flag added when on-boarding dealers (optional)
  • Mobile Phone removed as required during dealer on-boarding
  • Maximum # of items contained within a menu template is now configurable per-dealer (was previously hard-coded to 7)
  • User Management Search performance improvements
  • Dealer Management (IP Restrictions, DMS Integrations via UI)


  • Large deal deliveries will no longer experience contract timeouts
  • Deductive Selling -- Maintenance product properly recalculates cost
  • F&I Report -- Calendar dates will no longer "stick"
  • F&I Report -- some data sets caused no results due to a Javascript bug