• Dashboard/Reports: Update graphs to side-by-side bar
  • Lender Management: Added filter to display only active lenders
  • Mobile App: Performance improvements to the mobile app
  • Create Transmittal: A back button was added to transmittal viewer screen to direct user back to Create Transmittal page
  • Dashboard: The pending deals list is now viewable on the Dashboard
  • Deductive Selling Style: Improved how declined products are presented

Issue Fixes

  • Create Transmittal: The "select all" checkbox in the Create transmittal results page is functioning
  • New Deals: Base vehicle price totals discrepancy from DMS has been resolved
  • Login Functionality: Stopped login redirect loops
  • Create Transmittal: Sort actions on the create transmittal screen are functioning
  • E-Sign: Mobile app: Signature capture for e-sign has been resolved
  • Document Management: Non-esign documents are showing up in the eSign app
  • Menu Display: VSC deductible options view is resolved

TRONIX iPad App Instructions

IMPORTANT If you are using the TRONIX mobile app with your iPad, an update to the app is required to continue to function with the latest release. Please follow the two-part steps below to perform the update.

Installation Part 1

  1. Turn on the iPad and open the Mail application.
    You should see only one email in the inbox.
  2. Open the email from "buddybuild" and tap on "Install on your device".
    This will open the browser on the iPad.
  3. Follow the installation instructions on the screen to finalize the installation.
    This will install the TRONIX app on your iPad.

    Please note that there will be two TRONIX apps now on the iPad. The older of the two will no longer work and will be removed in an upcoming update of the iPad. After installation, please continue to use the second app that was just installed.

Installation Part 2

Due to technical reasons, the new TRONIX app install won't work on the iPad until the steps below have been performed. You might see a prompt that the app has to be trusted first.

  1. On the iPad, find the "Settings" icon and open it.
    You may need to scroll through the iPad pages in order to find it. The icon looks like gears.
  2. In Settings, find the "General" tab and touch it to open the General Settings.
  3. Find the "Profiles & Device Management" section and touch it to open it.
  4. At the bottom, you will see an entry in the "Enterprise App" section, called "AFG Technologies, LLC". Touch it to open the entry.
  5. Touch the button "Trust 'AFG Technologies, LLC'".
  6. Confirm by touching "Trust" in the pop-up dialog.
    This will give permission to the TRONIX app to run on your device.
  7. Press the iPad Home button to return to the desktop and start the TRONIX app.
    Remember to use the new icon that was installed until the upcoming iPad update is available and will remove the first one.

 You should be all set to go at this point. After the installation, the TRONIX app will appear on your iPad's desktop. Start it as you normally would.If you need any assistance, please submit a support ticket on http://support.tronixtrm.com