This tutorial introduces you to the CareGARDWarranty.com (CGW) Dashboard buttons and their menu items:

Dashboard Buttons

Select a Dealer Menu

The Select a Dealer button launches the Select a Dealer dialog where you can select and switch between dealer groups and dealers:

Select a Dealer Dialog

1. Use the Dealer Group drop-down list to select a different dealer group. A dealer group is a conglomerate of more than one car dealership. 

2. Use the Dealer drop-down list to select a dealer within that Dealer Group.

3. Click OK when you have made your selections.

User Menu

The User menu contains these menu items:

  •  My Profile – This menu item allows you to edit your CGW user profile or change your CGW password. For more information, see “Edit Profile” and “Change Password”.
  •  Logout – This menu item allows you to log out of your CGW account.

Edit Profile

To edit details in your CGW user profile:

1. Click the Edit Profile button under the My Profile menu item. This launches the Edit Profile panel:

 Edit Profile Panel

2. Use the available fields and drop-down lists to make changes to your CGW profile. 

Note: Not all fields in the My Profile dialog are editable. We only discuss those items that can be edited here. Your CGW administrator can make higher-level changes to your CGW profile.

First Name
The user’s first name
Last Name
The user’s last name
Primary Phone Number
The user’s primary phone number
Primary Fax Number
The user’s primary fax number
Email Address
The user’s email address
Click this button to save your changes.
Click this button cancel out of your changes.

Change Password

To change your CGW password:

1. Click the Change Password button under the My Profile menu item. This launches the Change Password panel:

Change Password Panel

2. Enter the new password and confirm it in the New Password and Confirm New Password fields.

Note: New passwords are case sensitive. No password complexity rules currently exist in CGW other than it cannot be the same as the user name.

Help Center Menu

The Help Center menu contains these menu items:

  • Contact – This menu item displays contact details, including:
    • How to contact CareGARD for contract, claim, and product information.
    • How to contact CGW for website information and technical assistance.
  • Online Forms – This menu launches the Online Forms dialog where you can view and print a variety of CGW forms, including:
    • PayLink Form
    • Dealer Remittance Form
    • VSC Transfer Form
    • Supply Order Form
    • Supply Order Form - Ancillary Products
    • Cancellation Request Form
  • CGW Guides and FAQs – This menu item takes you to the following URL where you can view all available CGW guides and FAQs: http://support.caregardwarranty.com/support/home