For a Video Tutorial on this Topic, see Working with Claims.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to submit claims in (CGW). 

When customers have service performed that is covered by the prepaid maintenance contract, you (the dealer) use CGW to submit those claims to the third-party administrator and close them when the service has been completed and the claim is ready to be paid.

Submitting Claims

In this section, you will learn how to submit a claim to the third-party administrator from whom the customer purchased the service contract. 

1. Select Claims > Submit Claim from the left navigation menu. 

Submit Claim

1. In the Submit Claim dialog, you will begin the process of submitting a new claim:

Contract Number 
The contract number related to the customer’s claim. A partial search works here as well. For example, if the contract number is 4337329, you can enter 433 and CGW will pull up all contracts beginning with those numbers. Enter the contract number in the field to the right.
The vehicle’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) related to this claim. Enter the VIN in the field to the right.
Click this to search for the contract number or VIN attached to the contract.

Submit Claim Dialog

2. In the Claims Service dialog, you will enter information relating to the service to be performed:

Current Mileage 
Enter the vehicle’s current mileage at the time of the claim.
Select Service Item
Select the service item relating to the customer’s claim. This list is dependent on maintenance products that the customer purchased.
RO Number
Enter the Repair Order (RO) number. This is a dealer-generated number.
Cancel the claim and exit the dialog.
Submit the claim. This finalizes the claim submission process.

Claims Service Dialog