For a Video Tutorial on this Topic, see Creating Transmittals Training Video.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to create transmittals in (CGW). 

A transmittal is an invoice or a record of sale of an F&I product. When the bank funds a customer’s loan, you (the dealer) initiate the invoice process by creating a transmittal to pay the third-party administrator or product provider, such as CAREGARD, for any F&I products the customer purchased along with the vehicle. After creating the transmittal, you print out the paperwork and send the payment to the third-party administrator.

Using CGW, you can also search for unpaid and paid F&I product contracts. 

When the third-party administrator receives your transmittal, they process the transmittal by validating contract and payment information. 

Creating Transmittals

In this section, you will learn how to create a transmittal to initiate the invoicing or payment process for the third-party administrator. You have received bank funding for a customer’s vehicle and F&I product purchase, and it is now time to pay and send paperwork to the third-party administrator. 

1. Select Transmittal > Create Transmittal from the left navigation menu.

Create Transmittal

2. In the Create Transmittal dialog, you will begin the process of creating a new transmittal:

Product Type
In the Contract Filter panel, select a product type, such as VSC.
This launches the contract search. CGW searches for contracts based on the selected product type and displays them in the Product Type panel.

Create Transmittal Dialog

3. In the Product Type panel, you will locate the contract for which you are creating the transmittal. By default, any contract that has not been transmitted to the third-party administrator appears in this list.

Contract #
From this column, select the checkbox (or checkboxes) next to the contracts for which you are creating the transmittal.
Create Transmittal
This generates the transmittal and displays it in a Print Preview dialog where you can print the transmittal and send it with payment to the third-party administrator.

Product Type Panel

4. When you click Create Transmittal, the transmittal is generated and displayed in the Print Preview dialog:

Print Preview Dialog